Meet the Team!

Andrew Morrison

Andrew is the Lead Pastor of Reunion Church and is responsible for guiding and building the vision and preaching of the church, preparing leaders, and ensuring the church carries out its conviction for Discipleship.

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Andrew and Hannah Morrison are Colorado natives, born and raised in the small town of Elizabeth, CO. They have been married for 13 years with 4 wonderful kids: Emma, Lilly, Luke, and Jack.

As a busy family they love competing in their sports. The girls love volleyball, the boys, football, and Andrew, Strongman. They also enjoy good old video games and board games with friends.

Andrew graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a focus on Leadership, and supports his family and church by working full time as a Sales Manager.

Prior to church planting Andrew and Hannah come from over a decade of pastoring and discipling the youth, while also training up young leaders.

Andrew and Hannah have been transformed by the testimony of Jesus lived out by their mentors who discipled them, and that has led to their venture of leading with the Reunion Church team, to pass on what was taught and modeled to them, so that others may be able to do the same.

Things Andrew will talk about at length: Jesus, The Bible, leadership, sales, Strongman, strength training, Tiktok trends. Things he can’t talk a lot about: skiing/snowboarding, music, (he has a unique taste), cats.

Chris Cribari

Chris is the Outreach Pastor of Reunion Church and is responsible for creating content for social media. He directs the vision of the church online, building the brand, and reaching out to the community with local events.

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Chris is from California, but would rather be a Colorado native. Born and raised all over California, he moved to Colorado in 2007 and has pretended to always be here ever since then. He comes from a family of 7 and grew up with 4 siblings who now live all across the US.

He competes in Strongman and does that to stay in shape. When he’s not lifting in the gym, he can be found reading a good book so high-level even he doesn’t understand it yet. He also loves going to the movies and playing chess, which is one of the only board games he gets.

Chris attended the Colorado Film School with a focus on writing and directing for the screen. At his day job, he works full time as a Sales Development Representative at a Saas company.

Before church planting, Chris came from a family of missionaries, which ultimately inspired him to run his own apologetics blog starting in 2015 and he regularly engages in current issues online.

Chris has been radically changed by the life of Jesus and his various mentors throughout the years that discipled him along the way. This constant calling of bringing people together and bridging cultural divides has led him to join the team at Reunion Church.

Things Chris will over-think: books, God, movies, philosophy, and strongman. Things he can’t care to over-think: coffee, crossfit, and other things.

David Margosian

David is one of the elders. His wife, Amber, is our Children’s Director.  David and Amber have been married for 8 years and have 2 boys.

David has been a long time friend of Andrew and Hannah (they’ve known each other since grade school and high school respectively)!  He served in the Marine Corps and then received his Bachelors of Biblical Studies from Liberty University.

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