New Here? Come and See!

For visitors to see and what to expect on a first visit

Welcome to Reunion Church!

Visiting a new church can be a whirlwind. Below you will find information and links to help you get started and know a little bit about us. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kate shares why Reunion Church is different.

*Service time has changed to 10:00 am – 11:30 am

What to Expect

We know that the first time visiting a church can be a little uncomfortable, so we want you to know what to expect.

In Colorado, we know that people love to get away for the weekends, and many sports happen as well, so we do a late afternoon service starting at 4 pm. This time allows to families enjoy their weekend with rest and fun, and then end with a refreshing experience to recharge the soul.

We currently meet at the STEAD School,
18251 Homestead Trail
Commerce City, CO 80022

You can follow the signs throughout Reunion to find the STEAD School, or a quick Google search will point you in our direction. Once you park, you’ll be greeted by a few people who can also help you get familiar with the facility.

If you have kids, you’ll check them into their Reunion Kids class at the Welcome Station, where you will receive a sticker with their name as well as a security sticker with a unique code that you will need to pick them up afterward. Once they are checked in, make your way as a family to the Main Service area where we worship together as families before being dismissed to their Reunion Kids classes.

After worship, around 4:30, all kids that were checked in will leave with the teachers who are identified by their Reunion Kids name tags and lanyards. Then we will continue our time of worship together in a compact expository teaching in the word of God.

This is where things get a bit different. After our teaching, we do what’s called “table talks,” where you and a few other people get the opportunity to develop further thoughts around the teaching. We have discussion points to guide the conversation, but this time is to help us really understand and develop our thoughts and theology. We have trained Table Talk leaders to help with any tough questions or struggling theological thoughts, but we want people to ask their questions, challenge their thoughts (and ours), and bring in their own applications or experiences so we can learn from each other. There is also no pressure to share anything if you are not comfortable!

We will then wrap up in prayer at 5:15 and then have refreshments in the main area waiting for you and your family. If you have children in Reunion Kids, please bring your security tag and pick up your children promptly. Enjoy continuing any conversations or just getting to know a few others in the church.

Our Story

At Reunion Church, we seek to redeem, restore and reunite all people to God. Our heart is for the disenfranchised, deconstructed, and disassociated people. We believe the way to do that is through a church community that has the culture of discipleship; a word used by many but rarely practiced. This guides how and why we do things at Reunion Church.

We started in Reunion in April of 2021, with a group of loving leaders committed to this vision. We started small inside the Reunion Coffee house, where we dedicated ourselves to the community, to love and disciple others, and to preach and practice grace. We have slowly grown and we are now meeting at the STEAD school Sunday mornings at 11AM. We would love to see you there!

Service Times & Directions

Grace Talk

Sundays at 10:00 am - 11:30 am, The STEAD School where you can join us as we discuss and walk through the scriptures together through our current group series.

18251 Homestead Trail, Commerce City, CO 80022

Kids Ministry and Youth

People start gathering for fellowship around 4:00 pm for prayer, coffee, and something to munch on. Our team is going to try and get to know you, so if its too much, just let us know. But if you have questions, ask away! Our team is there to help you get settled.

Reunion Kids

Our children’s ministry is for kids that are toilet trained up to 6th grade. (We hope to have more space to do nursery soon!) We have some amazing teachers that will help you get into our secure kid’s check-in system to make sure your kids are always known, safe, and cared for by our team. It will usually only take 5 minutes.

Plan A Visit

Next Steps

Lots of Ways to Get Involved.


Join us on Sunday’s 5:30pm-7:00pm at the Reunion Coffee House. You don’t need to have any Bible knowledge and if you enjoy talking things out with others, you’re going to love this.

Other Than Sundays

Can’t make it on Sunday’s? Don’t fret! We have weekly digital talks to recap and dive deep into our Sunday discussions. We also host fun in-person events like holiday barbecues and supply drives. Check out more information below!

Easter Service 4/9 at 10:00am. Easter egg hunt after service.